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Lorry Driver Full Time
 Legend Water Sdn Bhd
 Kuala Lumpur, All Location
  Salary : -
  Visit : 332
Job Details
Logistics/Supply Chain
Primary/Secondary School/SPM/"O" Level
Kuala Lumpur, All Location
1. Send/deliver goods to customers/suppliers, or whoever as per requested and required.
2. Ensure the goods in good condition when deliver, deliver in time to customer.
3. Take care the lorry in good condition, plan & prepare for Puspakom inspection.
4. Work together with office for the goods delivery arrangement.
5. Assist the loading /unloading of goods.
1 years
1. GDL License
2. Abiding to JPJ Regulations.
3. Exercise discretion on company's information & safe guard company's interest at all times.
4. Willing to travel across states.
Main Office
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