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Sample 2 Full Time
  Salary : -
  Visit : 45
Job Details
Fresh/Entry Level
Maintenance/Repair (Facilities & Machinery)
Primary/Secondary School/SPM/"O" Level
A Home Theater Installation Technician is responsible for setting up and configuring audiovisual systems to provide an immersive home entertainment experience for clients. Their main responsibilities include:

1. System Installation:
- Mounting and installing televisions, projectors, screens, speakers, amplifiers, and other audiovisual equipment in the designated locations within the client's home.
- Running and concealing wiring and cables to ensure a clean and organized appearance while maintaining safety standards.

2. Configuration and Calibration:
- Configuring and calibrating audio and video components to optimize sound quality, picture clarity, and overall performance.
- Adjusting settings for audio equalization, video resolution, and aspect ratio to meet the client's preferences and room acoustics.

3. Integration and Networking:
- Integrating various devices, such as streaming media players, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and smart home automation systems, into the home theater setup.
- Setting up network connections to enable streaming, online content access, and remote control of the system via smartphones or tablets.

4. Troubleshooting and Problem-Solving:
- Diagnosing and resolving technical issues related to audio and video components, connections, and compatibility.
- Offering solutions for common problems like audio dropouts, connectivity issues, or remote control malfunctions.

5. Client Training and Support:
- Providing clients with demonstrations and user training on how to operate and manage their home theater systems effectively.
- Offering ongoing support and assistance, including remote troubleshooting and periodic maintenance to ensure the system's continued performance and reliability.
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